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PVS Hot Tubs

321 LEEP

The 300 Series, our most popular hot tub series with families.

Beachcomber 321 Hot Tub




Up to 45 customizable jets
with 9 water sockets


78 x 34 inch
198 x 86 cm




Beachcomber 321 Hot Tub


Luxurious affordability that never goes out of style. Our most popular hot tub series with families, the 300 series offers affordable luxury with a wide range of models and styles to match your budget and your needs.

All of our 300 models are available with exceptional standard features, comfortable ergonomic seating and the top quality precision manufacturing that Beachcomber is known for.

Simple and elegant, the Classic shape of the 321 LEEP never goes out of style. It features all the benefits for an enjoyable spa experience including up to 45 fully customizable jets for comfort and seating for 5. Perfect for a smaller space, without compromising on luxury and massage.

Beachcomber 321 Hot Tub
Beachcomber 321 Hot Tub
Beachcomber 321 Hot Tub
Beachcomber 321 Hot Tub


Beachcomber Hot Tubs are built with human ergonomics in mind. All hot tubs offer a barrier free seating plan, with no hard, angular edges. This allows bathers to move freely within the hot tub with very little effort.

Human ergonomics is Beachcomber’s study of the way the human body interacts with a solid acrylic shell. The engineering and design team focuses on ease of movement, and to have a space for every type of body.

Deep seating areas need a barrier free design for the best comfort. With deeper immersion, health benefits are maximized.

Beachcomber Hot Tub Seating
Beachcomber 300 Series Hot Tub


The perfect features to dip your feet into!

Spacious enough for all hot tub users to comfortably place their feet while acting a safe transition area for getting in and out of the tub.


Beachcomber is proud of being an environmentally conscious company; we build all of our hot tubs with energy saving in mind.

An independent study conducted by the California Energy Commission through the California Poly University Engineering Department found that our hot tubs used up to 37% less energy than the competition.

300 Series Hot Tub


5 people

FlexJets deliver up to a maximum of 45 customizable jets with 9 Water Sockets

78 x 34 in | 198 x 86 cm

Available Colors
Available in a variety of color combinations

Construction Options
Hybrid3 Edition Option / LEEP option

Dry / Filled Weight
425 pounds / 193 kilograms / 2444 pounds / 1109 kilograms

Water Capacity
242 US gallons / 916 Liters / 202 UK gallons

Beachcomber 321 Hot Tub
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