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PVS Hot Tubs

Jets for Massage & Therapy

At just the touch of a button, you immerse yourself in jets swirling water and reap the rewards of hydrotherapy.

Providing you the Jets Flexibility to Get the Massage You Want

Our interchangeable massage jets give you the power to select the exact number of jets, and type of massage you want. Changing a FlexJet insert is as easy as changing a light bulb!

Form Fitting Lounger

The Beachcomber lounging bed is like no other on the market today.

It gently cups your body, while allowing you the freedom to move within the seat, using your buoyancy to truly relax. Depending on the model, the FlexJets are strategically placed to massage you from the cervical to the lumbar region of your back, while more jets target your leg muscles. In the 700 Series models, added Reflex Foot Massage jets complete the full body massage.

Available on Models: 740, 740 SLB, 725, 725 SLB, 715, 715 SLB, 550, 350

Hot Tub Jets
Hot Tub Jets

Verta-Sage Neck Massage

Targeted, focused massage jets on the cervical area of your body specifically your neck, will have a big effect on your general well-being.

Your neck and shoulders are one of the areas that are affected most by work and daily stress and tension. With so much of modern day activity linked to working with a computer, your upper body takes repeated strain, even if you don’t realize it.

This small but effective FlexJet targets the muscles in your neck that carry stress, kneading out lactic acid allowing your entire body to truly relax.

Available in Most Models

Full Back/Spine & Hip Massage

This six-stacker pattern gives you from 6 to 42 different jetting combinations to concentrate on the muscles surrounding the spine, along with two FletJets targeting the hip.

An excellent option for those that have tight muscles due to stress and injury.

Available in Models 750, 750 SLB

Hot Tub Jets
Hot Tub Jets

Center Back Thigh Massage

Select models feature twin swivel seats, in between those seats lies a single center seat that is slightly deeper for a vigorous thigh massage.

There are 4 FlexJets positioned directly at the upper thigh, 2 along the outer shoulders and 4 designated for a full back massage.

Available in Models 750, 750 SLB, 720, 720 SLB

Reflex Foot Massage

Kick back with FlexJets that massage the least cared for part of your body!

Massaging your feet has been linked to stress relief and reducing tension in other parts of your body by increasing circulation.

Available in Most Models

Hot Tub Jets
Hot Tub Jets

Calf Massage

This calf massage option sits atop the latter end of the lounging bed.

These small pinpoint FlexJets are designed to slightly vibrate when powered up and strategically placed for a relieving massage. Perfect for the marathon runner!

Available in Models 740, 740 SLB, 725, 725 SLB, 715, 715 SLB, 550

Signature 700 Series Ecstaseat

All five of Beachcomber’s 700 Series hot tubs feature the Ecstaseat.

This six-stacker FlexJet pattern gives you a full back massage targeting the muscles around the spine, relieving tension and pain. The pattern can be customized from 6 to 42 different jetting combinations.

Available in Models 750, 750 SLB, 740, 740 SLB, 725, 725 SLB, 720, 720 SLB, 715, 715 SLB

Hot Tub Jets
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