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Attractively Designed Hot Tub Enclosures

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to our hot tub enclosures, but our raw material, cedar, is recognised as being one of the most beautiful products of nature.

With a rich variety of yellow, cream and brown colours, it has a beautiful mellow and mature appearance, not to mention the distinctive aroma for which it is renowned. But added to the material excellence, the design of our products, which is generally recognised as being “one step further” e.g. the selection of attractively-shaped boarding and panelling; the shape of the roof support brackets; the double angle of the roof; the presentation of the facia boards; the “swept heads” to the windows, all making our products look “that little bit different” and putting them in a league of their own.

Hot Tub Gazebos & Enclosures
Hot Tub Gazebos & Enclosures
Hot Tub Gazebos & Enclosures
Hot Tub Gazebos & Enclosures
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Why Choose Cedar?

Decay Resistance

Most other timbers will rot in the fullness of time, and particularly when in contact with the ground.

For that reason, many of the cheaper materials need to be “tanalised” or protected with copper chrome arsenate or similar preservatives applied by vacuum pressure or the like. Not so with cedar. Cedar has its own “built in” preservative…. technically known as thujaplicins or thujic acid – a substance which Mother Nature provided to the cedar tree to enable it to survive naturally, and to have its own in-built resistance to fungal attack. Some cedar tree trunks have been found in swamps and carbondated to be more than 2,000 years old. We are able to provide you with a material that has not suffered or needs to be further treated with any form of toxic preservative. This is a massive advantage, both economically and aesthetically. And we also avoid the need to introduce other potentially harmful additives.

Dimensional Stability

Cedar absorbs far less ambient moisture than other timbers. When it becomes wet and subsequently dries, the absorption and evaporation is considerably less.

This enables it to keep its original dimensions. If left out “in the elements”, cedar will not “cup” or warp to anything like the extent of other timbers. It has an amazing ability to retain its original shape. This means that cedar boarding will not curl or warp significantly. Why else should North Americans have built most of their homes with cedar bevel siding… and their roofs with cedar shingles?


Particularly when air dried. This helps us in manufacture, and most particularly, it enables us to make large roof sections under factory-controlled conditions.

We can also physically deliver and lift to site with the minimum cost to be passed on to the customer.

High Insulation Value

In sound insulation terms, this is rarely a benefit… only if you make guitars out of cedar!

But it is an advantage in situations like cedar clad home office buildings, garden studios and music centres, where it’s ability to damp vibrations is an important acoustic property. But most particularly, it is an excellent heat insulator. This is of great advantage in the manufacture of saunas, hot tubs and all our buildings, be they further insulated or not.

Highly Porous

Cedar is highly porous and therefore extremely well placed for accepting paint and other finishes.

Paint and other textures can be applied very simply and very economically, giving you, our customer, the opportunity to express your individual requirements, both effectively and economically.

Readily Available

Grown and harvested over vast areas of territory, cedar is a widely available material.

The price of cedar is therefore not subject to restrictions of supply shortages. But finally, cedar is, by any standards, a beautiful product of nature.

Our supplier’s woodlands operations are located on publicly-owned land in Canada. They meet or exceed all provincial government regulations and have achieved independent third-party certification of their sustainable forest management practices. Our suppliers were the first Canadian company to join the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) program and have maintained certification on its operations since 2001. Their SFI certification is endorsed by PEFC™ which is recognized globally. In addition they hold a Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certificate in the Mid-Coast region of British Columbia. It can safely be said that the cedar re-planting and cedar management programmes are a positive, rather than negative, in our world concerns about the future of the planet.

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